Friday, December 2, 2011

Lola’s World

My bitty baby is now 14 months. Ack!!!


She started walking about a month ago, and now she is all over the place. Everywhere. Quickly. And trying out her new climbing skills. Eek!


She doesn’t like to be held a bunch. Too much to see and do. Heaven help the person who comes between her and what she wants to touch or where she wants to go. In this house, there isn’t a lot of space for her to go and touch and climb without someone needing to interfere, so she spends a fair amount of time frustrated with us. She doesn’t sit in one place to play with toys. She prefers hightailing it to open doors, opening cabinets, playing with outlets, or climbing on chairs or beds. She likes to play with phones. Or pull all the clothes out of a dresser drawer.


I’m pretty sure her first sentence will be “Lola do it.”

She enjoys attention from other people as long as they don’t get in her personal space. She has no problem being put down in the nursery to play with toys, but does. not. like to be handed off to a person. During gym time at CC, she has no intention of staying on our blanket to eat lunch (we eat picnic-style in the gym). She boldly goes straight into the chaos of 30 rough-housing kids. (I have to work really hard at not being an over-protective mother…)


She loves yogurt, pizza, roasted cauliflower, chicken noodle soup, chocolate, and Costco samples (you should hear her let us know if we don’t share with her quickly enough!!). She drinks water out of a cup with a straw. (She doesn’t like milk, so I feed her lots of full-fat yogurt.) She’s not too big on fruit other than gnawing on apples. (We stopped breastfeeding only a couple weeks ago.) She likes to stand up in her highchair.


She couldn’t care less about stuffed animals. She’ll tolerate dolls. But she really likes books. (Wahooo!!) When we snuggle up at nap time she’ll throw a stuffed animal on the floor, but she’ll smile really big if I get out a board book and she’ll start giggling when I read. It’s getting more difficult now that she is determined to hold the book (not necessarily right side up) and turn the pages on her own schedule.


She just cut teeth #7 and 8. I am really ready to be through with this teething business. It doesn’t make her cranky during the day, but it’s brutal at night and they take for.ever. to come through.

Lola usually takes two 1.5-hour naps during the day, but if our schedule is messed up she’ll sometimes take just one. She goes to bed around 9, wakes up a couple times at night for attention (more or less, depending on teeth and what-not), and wakes around 7 or 8 in the morning. We usually snuggle until she’s asleep (partly because I enjoy it), but she does fall asleep on her own occasionally. Her going to sleep routine is MUCH better than it was a couple months ago!


She ADORES Daddy. She gives him the sweetest, happiest smiles! And she says Dadada.

Her eyes are dark blue. I have no idea how much she weighs. (I’ve been procrastinating on her 1 year Dr. visit.) She wears mostly 24 months/2T clothes and size 6 shoes. Her hair is beginning to grow a little in back--enough to be curly after a bath and look scary after a nap. We are still a LONG ways from ponytails. Sob.

The boys think she is the most entertaining play-thing EVER. Levi would rather play with her all day long than do just about anything else. There is a lot of rough-housing going on between the four of my crazy kids. I’m pretty sure that Lola will be able to take care of herself in any situation as she gets older.

She doesn’t like to smile for the camera, but she’ll smile for her brothers. This smile was for Leif:


She growls. A lot. She loves to play patty-cake. She waves and says hi and bye (they both sound like a breathy long ‘eye’). She says ‘uh-oh,’ which the boys think is the funniest thing ever. She blows kisses.

She is finally (barely) tolerating hats or jacket hoods (thank goodness!), but still no headbands. And she takes shoes off immediately (except for her soft Robeez).

She hates sand and other suspicious surfaces or textures. She doesn’t like her hands to be dirty. She loves playing in the water at bath time.


We call her Lolo. Lo-Bug. Lala. Lowes. And pretty much anything else that rolls off our tongues at the moment. Lots of terms of endearment for this girl.

I’ve decided I’m just going to wrap Lola up and put her under our tree for Christmas. And everyone will be happy.


Hannah said...

Heidi, your words and photos have this way of tempting me to have a fourth. What a bundle of personality and what a gift to your family she is!
(The sleep thing, not quite as tempting.)

Anonymous said...

I love all that you shared about your SWEET little girl! She is precious and so well loved!

Julie in St. Louis

Misha said...

She is so precious! I would love her under my tree, too! : )

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Grandpa and I are missing all these funny, cute things she is doing by not being there in person. So your blog helps so much. The minute I walked in the door just now, Grandpa said, you have to go look at Heidi's blog. He checks on you often. Loved this one too. Grandma

Danielle said...

She's adorable. And what a sweet hat! My daughter is just about the same age as yours and also growls a good bit. It's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

hi heidi....your little lola cracks me up! she's just too cute and spunky.