Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Hayes Family

I thought for certain I had already posted photos of this awesome family, but it appears I haven’t!

Faith and I met years and years (and years ago) when we were kids. We had mutual family friends. The beauty of the virtual world is such that time and distance are of no consequence. We reconnected over a couple blog posts and then through facebook, even though Faith and her family were living as missionaries in Mexico at the time.

Their family has gone through so many changes and upheavals in the past two years, but they now live within driving distance of me. Their beautiful daughter, Charlotte Joy, arrived in this world a couple months ago. She was born with Down Syndrome. I have been tremendously blessed by this family and their love for one another! I asked Faith a few weeks ago if I could drive to see them and take pictures of Charlotte and their whole family.

We had a wonderful afternoon spending time together, chatting, and taking pictures. It was a much-needed time away for me, and I felt doubly blessed!

Hayes 1 Hayes 2 Hayes 3 Hayes 4


Anonymous said...

Miss Charlotte is just the most beautiful baby, and I know that she is going to bring her family a lot of joy in the coming years. Destiny

Anonymous said...

hello beautiful heidi! love your photos, as usual. are you familiar with kelle hampton and her blog? if you aren't, she gave birth to a baby girl with down syndrome and tells nella's birth story {in the link below} she is so raw and honest {i wept when i read it}. her blog is amazing. please pass it on to your friend if you feel so led. it has touched my heart over and over, she is such an inspiration and i am sure she would be an amazing source of information and inspiration for your friend. i visit her blog every single day!

jamie in michigan

Heidi said...

Jamie~ I love that blog. I think her birth story is one of the most touching things I've ever read.

Sweet Bouquets said...

Beautiful family and beautiful pictures Heidi!

Colleen said...

What the dickens?! You and Faith know one another...? I love it! I "know" Faith through the SL board and met her in person last year. I'd so love to re-connect with both of you. I now have even more reason to make my way down to your neck of the woods.

Heidi said...

LOL, Colleen. I just like to surprise you. :) She's almost 2 hours north of me, so we should meet in the middle. :)

The Hayes Zoo said...

How did I just see this!!?? :)

Thanks HEIDI!!!! I tell ya - we'll have to get together again soon. It was just the start of great fellowship I hope. :)

LOVE the pics....I'm posting them on my blog - I should've probably asked your permission to use the pics first. Oooops.

Colleen - nice to SEE you!!! :)