Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Lucia

We missed St. Lucia Day yesterday due to sickness at our house, but we might have to have a belated celebration next week when we are all feeling better. I also have pictures to share from our St. Nicholas Day celebration last week. All sorts of lovely.

(LOVE this next song...)



Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that singing, Heidi, I think I may have told you before but my mother's middle name was Lucille because she was born on St. Lucia Day, Dec. 13. And I forgot about it completely until you mentioned it here. Sure wish they had taught me Swedish!!! Grandma

Heidi said...

I remember you mentioning that to me once. I love knowing that piece of family history. :) And I may not have learned Swedish, but I will always remember making Krumkake and Yulekaka with my grandmother. :)