Saturday, December 1, 2012


Everyone is posting pictures of their decorated Christmas trees on facebook this evening.

But I have a confession.

I have no desire to get a Christmas tree.

No desire to decorate my house for Christmas.

No desire to do a single craft.


If I add one more thing, one more mess to this space I will go insane.

That is all.

I’ll resume my more cheerful attitude in the morning. I promise.


Christie said...

I don't either! We always cut our own tree so don't get it until later in December so that it doesn't get too dry as the month goes along. (We live on the drier side of Oregon.)

Diane S said...


Andrea said...

No kidding. After that amazing shower you just threw. I'd been done doing anything for awhile. What a blessed sister!

carole said...

I got a tree to surprise the boys (since they'd been begging but were busy at a friend's house) and I did a terrible job picking it out. So we now have a skinny, lopsided tree, that has fallen over 2x and which is definitely making our house messier!! How about twinkle lights just around the house for fun, minus the tree? ;)

Amy said...

Oh, I can *so* relate! I still have my autumn decorations up.

jeana said...

I felt the same, but my boys (including my husband -ha) had different plans. It's done though, but not looking forward to putting it all away!