Saturday, December 22, 2012

Welcoming Rilla Grey


I don’t think Ben’s feet touched the ground all day. He and Shannon are utterly smitten.


Rilla Grey was born by scheduled c-section on Thursday at noon (due to her frank breech position). These are pictures from later that evening. My mom has some beautiful natural light pictures from yesterday.


Skeller said...

she is sooooo beautiful! and has so much fluffy hair! congrats to all of you! Can I just say, I think it's pretty sweet that Lola will have a cousin-friend so close in age to her!

Rachel said...

She is beautiful!!! I have been checking your blog to {hopefully} see some updates. I know its not your sisters blog but still, after reading in this space for years, well, I am just so happy for your sister and her husband and your whole family. What a wonderful Christmas blessing!

i cant decide said...

Aw, sweet! Congrats.

Amy said...

These pictures are wonderful! What precious little girl.

Amy said...

what *a* precious little girl :)