Saturday, December 8, 2012

Countdown to Les Miserables

Have you read the book? Watched the Broadway musical? Listened to the music?

Les Miserables is a fantastic story about the power of redemption. Do not miss it.

If you aren’t familiar with the story and would like to prepare yourself in anticipation of the movie releasing on December 25th, I have a few suggestions. Read the book is an obvious suggestion. {grin} I will say that the completely unabridged version is a rough book to get through. Victor Hugo goes on for pages and pages (sometimes chapters) about things (the life of a Bishop, life in a convent, politics and war) that are somewhat related as background information or side stories but unnecessary to the plot or the pivotal characters. (Just as fair warning.) Because of the side stories and details as well as a complex plot, it can be helpful to have an idea of the main characters and plot before diving into the original story. 

If you want a great taste of the Broadway musical without attending a performance, the 10th Anniversary Concert is spectacular. It is available on DVD, but thanks to the wonder of YouTube, you can watch it with one click of the mouse:

The above concert will give you an idea of what ages the movie might be appropriate for.


For a superb, family-friendly Les Miserables experience, I highly recommend Les Miserables Radio Theatre production by Focus on the Family. It is an abridged, full cast audio drama that my boys think is riveting.

In fact, I highly recommend all of the Focus on the Family radio theater productions. The Chronicles of Narnia production is spectacular. At 22 hours of listening pleasure (including an original orchestral score), the series is well-represented. Ben Hur is another family favorite.


Mandi @ Life Your Way said...

I'm so glad you posted this -- not just for the Les Miserables audio drama, but for all of them. As you know, Peyton LOVES audiobooks, and I have a feeling she'll love these even more. Looking forward to sharing it with her!!

Danielle said...

I just ordered The Chronicles of Narnia Focus on the Family radio theater version for our kids for Christmas. Can't wait myself!

Mindy said...

Thanks for sharing these links. I am trying hard to make it through the unabridged version before the movie comes out but have doubts on making it! I thought I could skim through some parts this time through in order to be ready for the movie but the descriptions are so good that it's hard.

Diane S said...

Since I tell my kids they have to read the book before they see the movie(of certain movies, not all) I am working hard to read through Les Miserable before I see it. Only 800 pages to go! lol! I do admit to skimming a lot of the description of Waterloo.

Unknown said...

Our family LOVES The Chronicles of Narnia production - we keep them in our van - our "go to" audio books for most outings long or short. Thanks for the other recommendations!!!

Unknown said...
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