Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Savoring Christmas


Less than a week until Christmas and so much left to savor!

Friends of ours again invited us on their annual trolley ride around town to look at Christmas lights and sing carols. It was a highlight of our Christmas season!

And then my friend (my best friend’s mom) brought me homemade baklava. I feel so loved. (She knows it is my most favorite Christmas treat. Thank you, Judy!!)

My sister suggested we take a field trip to a local furniture store.  Furniture store, you ask? So did my boys as we pulled up. “Hey, we thought we were going on a fun outing!” My sister, my parents, the kids, and I wandered around in delight. It is part furniture store, part crazy museum/amusement park. Right in our back yard. (Well, Lebanon, which is even stranger.) Who knew? Airplanes hanging from the ceiling. A vintage bumper car to sit in. Vintage cars and boats galore. A lightening storm in the back. And all decked out for Christmas. Crazy is the only word I have to describe it. Levi and Luke gave it five stars. Lola thought is was a place of wonder.

Leif decided to come down with the stomach flu on the way there, puked as soon as he walked in, and lay on the floor by the front door the whole time we were there. Poor guy. I’m praying no one else gets the bug, but we are hunkering down and taking it easy just in case. (Shannon thought her water should break to make the trip to the furniture store more complete. They’d never let us come back.)

Speaking of Shannon, tomorrow is the day. Send prayers and best wishes her way!!

While we are snuggling up and not spreading germs, we are reading the rest of our Christmas book stack. And having a Nutcracker fest. We love DK Classics: The Nutcracker for the story, illustrations, photographs, and background information as well as watching The Nutcracker on DVD (I think this 1997 version is available for free streaming with Amazon Prime).


New to us this year is the original tale of Nutcracker, written in 1816 by E.T.A. Hoffman. It is a fantastic story with rich language, now paired with illustrations by Maurice Sendak. Sendak also designed the sets and costumes for the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Christmas production of the Nutcracker which is available on Netflix instant streaming.

What are you doing to savor the rest of the season?

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Hannah said...

Sounds like you've gotten into the spirit of things after all!

I'm just trying to feel my way along the thin line between joyful activity and busyness that doesn't allow enough time for snuggling and contemplation.

Praying for Shannon today!