Sunday, January 19, 2014

40 Days of Food

Starting tomorrow. Not a Whole30, but a 30+ days of “primal” with a few scheduled “relaxed days” thrown in (like family vacation, book club nights, etc.). I’ve outlined the general idea with my main food plan and links in the past, so I won’t rehash that here, but this is my accountability space so if I don’t say anything more about it…ask me how it’s going, will you? [grin]

When I wrote out my “life roles” on day 3 last week, I didn’t have a specific role that encompassed my eating or exercising. (No “chef” or “athlete” for me…) But I needed to establish a vision, goals, and actionable steps for my health. While I wrote, I realized that health was a bigger picture element for me—it enables me to fulfill my roles in life to the best of my ability.

My goals were not “lose 20 pounds” (though that would be nice) or “gain muscle” (again, nice) or “develop skill in a sport” (not likely) or “run a 5K” (not going to happen).

My reasons for a food re-set are threefold: physical energy, mental clarity, and emotional stability. None of which I possess in abundance. In order to do my best in the roles God has given me, I need to be my best physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. (I’m working on spiritual depth during my morning quiet time.)

Meal plan—check.

Grocery shopping—check.

40 days. I can do this.

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