Sunday, January 26, 2014

40 Days of Geography


This is my next challenge, which falls under the “Learner” category of my life roles.

Specific goals:

  • Locate every country in the world, the United States and capitals, and the provinces and territories of Canada.
  • Learn the geographic regions, mountain ranges, peninsulas, rivers, and bodies of water in Europe and U.S.A.
  • Draw a free-hand map of the continents from memory.

I’ll be using Sheppard Software free online World and U.S.A. Geography Games. I hope to master at least level 5 for each of the continents/regions.

This is my very first freehand map (not from memory). My kids have been required to draw world maps, and I discovered that it is much more difficult than I thought. {grace for my children}


I invite you to join me! If you want to scale it down, pick one continent.


Mrs. Pittman said...

As a CC Challenge A tutor in FL may I just say that I'm giving you a standing ovation right here in my living room? :) I just read somewhere (maybe on a CC blog) about how the tutor is actually the 'lead learner'. I love that description and it's a great definition of what a great teaching parent is, too. Nothing like holding ourselves to the same standards as our kids to keep us humble and empathetic and full of grace. Keep up the amazing work. (BTW, is that a shark's fin in the Arctic Ocean? My kids love to add 'hidden features' to their maps.)

Math Tutor said...
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Rebecca said...

This has actually been a personal goal of mine for the year too...and one for my children, since geography seems to get pushed by the wayside (they still get mapwork through SOTW but I wanted something more.)

Thank you for the awesome resource links! So glad to have them (for myself AND the children.)

PS. That map is a pretty great start, if you ask me!