Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Tuesday


6:15 Woke up without an alarm: MIRACLE #1. Got out of bed after a few minutes regardless of the splitting headache: MIRACLE #2. (I did promise to let myself take a nap later if I wasn’t feeling well. And I dressed for the day in yoga pants.)

Had some quiet time, made tea, filled out my SPS, did a little blogging. Boys got up late. Lola got up really late.

8:30 Time to tackle breakfast and the house.

Morning drowned in the little things. The boys and I were having a hard time moving.

I made a batch of sausage and kale to eat with eggs for breakfast this week. I make a frittata with a little parmesan cheese, and it is my most favorite breakfast. (Well, paired with a cinnamon roll and OJ, it would be my favorite, but who’s whining?)

I tackled the house. It was not pretty. Not pretty at all. I would feel regret at not taking care of the disaster last night, but I know how awful I felt and I’m okay with giving myself some grace on that one.

The boys, left to their own devices, created a world history timeline in their room with Playmobil and scripts written on index cards for some of the “characters.” Luke spent much of his day reading The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay. Levi convinced Luke to start The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica Series, and they read side by side on the bed for a couple hours this evening. Sometimes I wonder why we do formal lessons…

In the spirit of the day, I tackled some fun, independent learning: European geography. I mastered through level 5 of European countries! And practiced my states and Central and South America.

Then there were various “administrative tasks.” Like booking a hotel for a girls’ night away. I’m heading to Medford with my sister and cousin to hear Andrew Kern speak. Then I registered for a conference at Gutenberg College in Eugene Saturday of that week, also to hear Andrew Kern speak. (Sure, call me a groupie. Anyone want to join me?!)

Early dinner (late lunch? Luke calls it Linner) was the above loaded bun-less burger: mixed greens, beef burger (our friends raised the beef cow and we split the meat after it was butchered), dijon mustard, grilled onions, bacon, chopped grape tomatoes, and guacamole. Washed down with a La Croix cran-raspberry soda. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Late supper was a sliced banana topped with coconut milk, toasted sliced almonds, sea salt and cinnamon—another favorite.

And, now, bedtime and reading! I’m still dealing with serious sinus pressure and a headache, so I may turn in early tonight…

Cosmic Order

::  To Tame the World by N.D. Wilson (Go read the whole article!) Wilson’s book Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl: Wide-Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World is on my reading list this year.

“We can understand why man, modern man in particular, would like to mop the floors and bleach the walls. We might not be able to tame reality, but we can tame our perception of reality. We intellectualize in order to feel in control.

“But God's personality—his fingerprints— won't wipe off. His incredible, untamable, transcendent personality is everywhere. It oozes out of an aphid's hindquarters for an ant to savor. It slams against jagged cliffs in the North Sea and glows with pride at the birth of a star and flings the cold moon like a yo-yo trick and laughs when a too-green apple makes our insides panic.

“This raucous place does have a steering wheel. But that steering wheel is far from our hands. Accepting this requires humility. It requires us to seek our knees and then our faces. To let this world suck us down while we form words of awe and repentance and affection for the One who crafted such beings as us in such a place as this.


Holly said...

Love this whole article. Goes with my theme for the year.

Meghan said...

Have you seen this article? I thought it was a much-needed exhortation for myself as I set goals for this year.

Windhover Farm said...

I am gaining such encouragement from your year of 40 if I don't always comment to prove it. Thanks for being real and now I think we need to have real burgers tonight. You are a trooper. I have a sinus-y thing going on and because I lack the energy to eat well, I eat poorly. The only way I can get out of bed as if I promise myself that if I feel worse by pm I can nap in the afternoon. But I never do because coffee.

jodi-pa said...

oh, heidi. i should've stopped by a few weeks ago to catch up (not on the computer much these days). i've been doing the storyline thing and telling practically everyone that crosses my path about it hoping they had heard of it and were doing it too. alas, the only people i know doing it are on the west coast.

well, be encouraged that you are doing a wonderful job of creating a well lived STORY. sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees...
and our personalities know things can always be improved upon through some intentionality.

be blessed, friend and hang in there!
jodi in pa

Heidi said...

Meghan~ I had just shared that link on Facebook. It's *perfect*! Thanks for thinking of me!