Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More From Memory Lane

Holly and I were the “Poncho Gnomes.” I’m the cute, stubby one.

I’m so impressed that we had birthday cakes this year. Shannon was born (Mom’s 3rd c-section) just a week or two before this next picture.

I’m fairly certain this next (terrifyingly large) picture was taken in second grade. The year I famously told my mom I did have a positive attitude. I was positive it would be terrible.

This is the log cabin playhouse my dad built for us…still in the construction phase. It had a sleeping loft and we spent whole summers in our own little cabin world.

And the three sisters…


Rebecca said...

So are you a twin then?

Pretty girls, pretty ladies.

How great is it to have SISTERS!? (Especially as grown ups!) :-)

Heidi said...

Nope. Holly is two years older. She's just petite. And all three of us have birthdays within about two weeks of each other in March. :) And it is a *fabulous* thing to have best-friend-sisters (and mom!) who all live in the same town. Wahooo! :)

Sweet Bouquets said...

Love these sweet pictures, Heidi! Brings back so many fun memories with our two families! :)