Saturday, April 12, 2014

Silly Children

Lola loves scissors. She knew, from multiple past experiences, that she would get in trouble for cutting her hair—so she cut her eyebrows.

Silly child.

Luke was having a rough day too.

Because writing.


Worst life ever.

Lola was sympathizing. And working on her frowny face.

Just in case you think lessons are all roses and games around here.

Writing = BADBADBADBADBADBAD (Luke asked me to type that.)

And just in case you think that is an isolated emotion—it’s not. It is a generally held opinion by the boys at Mt. Hope Chronicles that any assigned writing is torture and must be met with all possible resistance and tantrums and whiny fits.

Levi distracts himself from the pain by playing with his terrifying hair. Unfortunately, there are only so many hills I can choose to die on. Writing, yes. Hair, no.

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The Prudent Homemaker said...

We're cutting Cyrus' hair this week--VERY SHORT. Should help with that hair trouble.

The tantrums around here have been Ezrom and Elsa. Elsa throws one every single time I talk to her. Ezrom is not far behind on the number of times.

Definitely not so fun lately here!