Friday, April 25, 2014

Outdoor School ~ Day 1

We met at the trail head just before noon on Monday. The weather held out for the 3 mile hike in to camp. The sun even decided to shine here and there, and the boys were in shirt-sleeves. The kids were split up into two groups according to age, and the guides stopped every so often throughout our leisurely hike to show and teach. We also stopped to eat our packed lunches. The scenery was gorgeous. [This is Oregon, after all.]

We finally arrived at Opal Creek Lodge, where we ate a snack, unpacked our gear from the van that so conveniently hauled our stuff, and got our sleeping arrangements assigned.

Our charter school had a group of about 23 students from 1st-8th grades and 14 adults (6 dads, 7 moms (including the principal and a teacher), and an additional teacher).

Meals (hot, hearty vegetarian food served buffet-style) and snacks were served in the lodge. Most of the girls slept in a large, rustic bunkhouse with a roaring fire keeping us toasty warm. Parent chaperones helped out continuously, and the students helped with chores such as sweeping, hauling firewood, washing tables, and doing dishes.

We went on a night hike the first evening, and lights were out by 10 pm.

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Phyllis said...

I had no idea just how beautiful Oregon was. What a wonderful experience.