Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

How was your Easter?

We had a lovely day at church and with family. I have a bunch of pictures in the queue to share, but we were also in the middle of packing for outdoor school with the boys so I didn’t have a chance to go through them and get them posted. Tomorrow.

We (Russ, the boys, and I) left for outdoor school Monday morning (Lola stayed with my parents). I have a bunch to share about that. Friday.

For now, I’ll just say Oregon in April is a great time to experience all sorts of weather. Sun. Rain. Snow (yep). Rain. Rain.

After two nights, we hiked back to the trail head at noon today.

Internet. Dr. Pepper. Hot shower. Dry clothes. Hallelujah.

Then I picked up my sick, feverish baby girl.


And now, on the docket:

Laundry. Laundry. Laundry.

Leif’s last night of AWANAS

Grocery shopping

Finish writing samples for charter school

Read book (ha!)

Book Club

Blogging with pictures

Online Meeting

Swim Meet

End of Year Program for Classical Conversations

Champoeg State Park field trip

Choir Performance at assisted living facility

End of Year Program for AWANAS

Choir Dress Rehearsal

Swim Meet

Bridal Shower

Evening Choir Performance


That will get us through Sunday of next week. And I’m PRAYING Lola gets better quickly and the boys don’t get sick.

Then, it’s nose to the grindstone for CC Practicum preparation. This year’s theme is Cultivating the Conversation: The Art of Rhetoric. Our Oregon practicum season begins in Salem, May 19-21. Will you join me?


Unknown said...

Prayers are with you and that ill feeling baby-girl!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I realized I should have added a note with my link above. You always sound so busy with all you do. I have 5 kids so I know how hard it is juggling everything while homeschooling. The blog above and Sally Clarkson's book, "Seasons of a Mother's Heart", has really helped me this year when I was heading toward burnout. I used to do so much more when I only had two kids but this year I have realized I can't keep up at the same pace or I am not going to make it through homeschooling all of them through high school. If you don't feel stressed by your schedule, then feel free to ignore my link. Just reading your schedule made me feel stressed out for you though which was why I shared the link. I always enjoy reading about your beautiful family and seeing what books you all are reading.

Heidi said...

Thanks, Jill! She had a great night and seems to be feeling quite a bit better today other than a runny nose. I appreciate the prayers!

Anon~ No worries. I usually try to leave our schedule more open than this, but everything converged within a couple week period. :P May and June will be much more relaxed. CC is over. AWANAS is over. Choir is over. I don't think we have any swim meets. And I have nothing major scheduled other than the practicum(s). Wahooo!! :)