Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Divinely Aware


[I need to find my happy place today. I’ve only been aware of the mess. mess. mess. mess. and dirt. and disobedience. and mess.]


Prairie + Sky said...

Me too....In general about 1/3 of my life feels this way. Prayers for a better day today the 7th :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, thank you! Our house is in shambles, and so is my heart. Who would have thought that getting a house ready to sell and whittling down our possessions to 12 suitcases would be so hard :)?

Prairie + Sky said...

Moving is one of life's greatest stressors! I have been in your shoes (sold a house and moved 3 times on one year.) I just got our school room in order, and there is a possible cross country move on the horizon. Just thinking of it makes me shudder, but the end would be worth it. Hopefully your adventure will be a good one :)