Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Offense of Joy


Today I am guest posting at my dear friend Misha’s new blog, The Offense of Joy. I met Misha online several years ago, and she is a beautiful kindred spirit. She is artistic and passionate, and I’m thrilled that she is writing (publically) again!

My favorite two posts so far are Joy Is A Gift (What’s So Offensive About Joy? – Part One Of Six) and The Ring. Please go read Misha’s words. I hope they move you. [Leave a comment and let Misha know I sent you!]

You are also invited to read my post, A Surprise Party.

“I dreamed of children. Babies, yes, but mostly children. Children with names (oh, how I loved naming them) and personalities and passions.

I was a planner. A list-maker. So these children naturally showed up for years and years and years on reams of paper—perfectly plotted in journals or haphazardly doodled on church bulletins—with their sport, their instrument, their disposition, or whatever struck my imagination.

Sometimes there were six. Sometimes there were ten. Or even twelve. But never less than four…”

Head on over to read the rest (and say hello while you’re there!).

[ETA: There have been some questions about my depression story. Feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me, but I also shared some of the story here and here.]


Having Children

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