Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Scenic Route


Russ and I decided to take the scenic route detour before heading home. You can’t blame us, right? Just a couple extra hours…


This was the first stop. See that observatory on the cliff? That’s where we were headed next.

Img2014-08-20_0032fpmVista House

The Vista House overlooks the Columbia Gorge—Oregon on this side, Washington on the other.


And then the gorgeous, lush, winding road with the ferns and mossy trees and arched stone wall on the gorge side. Oh, and all the waterfalls.

Latourell FallsImg2014-08-20_0081fpm

This bridge had drainage holes through which you could see the water and land far, far below.

A Hole

You can see the distance down in the next picture on the left. The photo on the right is Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls

Yes, a successful 30-hour get-away.


It’s a busy rest of our week with a photo session, Hamlet book club in my studio, and the local Art ‘n Air Festival. Next week is our transition week as we head back to concentrated studies for the fall. It’s going to be a shock to our system after this summer absence of schedule!!


Beth said...

We live in Troutdale! It's so beautiful. I'm thankful everyday for this place to call home right now.

Heidi said...

As we were driving through, I said to my husband, "Hey, my friend Beth lives here." :) We still need to meet up before you move!

Becca Jean said...

We used to live on the Oregon coast (now we are in Idaho) and we took this detour once with our children coming back from the coast! So, so beautiful! I miss all that GREEN!

Kellie said...

You live in paradise! I keep hinting to my 16yo that she should try to settle in that area (so we have a good excuse to move there ourselves someday), but she has her heart set on Colorado -- a good choice too, but I love all your green!

Melody said...

So glad you posted this! We went on an Oregon camping trip a few weeks ago and were wondering what that structure was on the cliff. lol (didn't have time to explore :-) Now we know!
Melody W.