Friday, August 29, 2014

I Love Them



Molly Anne said...

I can't believe how grown up all your kiddos are looking. When I started reading your blog they were all so little! (and Lola wasn't even around yet)

Have been away from blogging for a long time but so happy to come back here and see your beautiful photos, wonderful quotes and other goodness. My friend is starting homeschool for her oldest this year and I told her I knew of a great blog with resources so I came here to get the link for her and have been browsing posts.

I don't think you know how much you inspired me with your beautiful photos and got me very much into photography (albeit incredibly amateur). I'm so happy you're still blogging.

Heidi said...

It's great to "see" you again, Molly! Thanks for the kind words. :) Yes, the kids are getting so big! I'm still in denial that I have a middle-schooler. ;)