Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in Review

POST #2,000! What a way to end a year.



:: All sorts of introspective-ness.


:: Our crazy family vacation—all three nights of it (the third was unexpected). (Sorry the pictures are having trouble loading. I need to reformat the post and haven’t gotten around to it!) Sadly, this was one of only three overnight trips for our family this past year, and the other two were not particularly relaxing.

:: Time away with friends and a week with Andrew Kern.

:: We drove down to California for a few short days to attend my grandmother’s funeral. Sadly, I didn’t post a single picture from our trip.

Life into Death 


:: My birthday month felt derailed. All. month. long. I was honest about it.


:: Crazy, busy month. Memory Masters. End of Classical Conversations. Photographing the Spring Protocol Event. Easter. Outdoor School. End of choir term with performances. Swim meet. Bridal shower. End of AWANA. Illness. It was insane.



:: All about the Classical Conversations practicum speaking and prep.


:: More speaking. And thoughts on Classical Conversations. And on programs in general. And on Harry Potter (and rhetoric!).


:: Finally. A delight-filled, restful month. Sunshine and my two favorite places on earth. Here with sisters. Here with friends and family. And a few other outings. I think this was my most favorite month of the year.

:: A bunch of reading happened this month, as well.



:: This was a general relaxing summer month with various activities and our 3rd annual trip to Bend for a swim meet. Russ and I had a much-needed overnight get-away with friends. We took the scenic route home.

:: I spent some time reflecting this month: on joy, on the trivium (one of my favorite blog posts of the year), and on our big-picture educational scope and sequence.



:: I was a guest on the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast, which was a delight!

:: The beginning of the month was a crazy blur. Due to rescheduled classes, we fit in a family day in the mountains and a day at the beach.

:: Then our school year started in earnest. Levi’s transition to Classical Conversations Challenge A has been a whopper of an experience.

:: I also have proof that my house one room was clean for at least five minutes this year.

Ben Shan and Rilla 


:: I posted a few photo sessions. The above may be my most favorite photo of the year.

:: Poetry and Learning by Heart were on my mind.

:: And I was tired.


:: We mostly just put our heads down and worked. But I had more to say about poetry and music.



:: I am so thankful for my dear little family and the wonderful life we are blessed to live.

:: Even if raising an adolescent is a tough, tough job.

:: Now that Christmas has come and gone, I am spending some time reflecting over the past year.

And now there are only a few hours left in 2014, which I shall spend getting ready for my son’s birthday party tomorrow. Thirteen. I shall have a teenage son.

I wonder what else the new year will bring.

The Live. course launches on January 1st. I’m excited to spend the next 12 months exploring ways to live life to the fullest! And I’m even more excited to be the contributor for September’s theme “Learn.”

We are celebrating the new year by skipping school the first week back and going on vacation instead. Hello, Disneyland!!

When we return, I have a bunch of great things in store. A book challenge, for example.

Stick around for a great fresh year at Mt. Hope Chronicles!

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Leah Courtney said...

Hi, Heidi. I recently heard your interview on the Read Aloud Revival podcast. (I'm a little behind!) I'm an extreme book lover and a huge advocate for reading aloud. I loved the interview, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the great resources on your blog. I just wanted to say thanks. :-)