Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas Display

The kids opened stockings at our house first thing Christmas morning. Then breakfast. Then gifts from siblings. Then we loaded up and drove two miles down the country road to Bambi and Poppy’s house where everyone gathered for Christmas Day.

Mom and Dad (Bambi and Poppy), Holly, Casey, Ilex, Drake, Ivy, Shannon, Ben, Rilla, Olive (Little Ben was at his Dad’s house), and our family of six.

Christmas 2014

After we had unloaded, taken pictures, and settled in, we opened our stockings.


Then gifts (one at a time, youngest to oldest). The kids receive small gifts from each family. The adults (16 and up) exchange names. My sister Holly usually has a lovely gift bag for each family filled with homemade items (jars of dried apples, blackberry jam made by Ilex, cinnamon ornaments made by Ivy, a family story or calendar…). My sister Shannon’s wrapping is always photo-worthy. My mom’s decorating is lovely. I tell them that they make me look good when I post pictures of them and their handiwork on my blog. [I make myself feel better about my lack of contribution by claiming to be the family’s chronicler.]


Best gifts:


(Due in May. We are so excited!!)

Our kids “fainted” in a heap when we told them that their Christmas present is a trip to Disneyland—next week!! Surprise!!


Leif’s shirt was my only attempt at crafting this Christmas season. I figured I could probably draw Fred with craft paint. Close enough. (Despite the look on his face in the picture, Leif did indeed love the shirt. He’s read our collection of 25+ Life of Fred books many, many times each.)

After gift-opening, the living room transformed into a dining room with the help of many hands. On the menu this Christmas: rib roast, bread dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls, candied yams, fruit salad, our favorite jello salad, and Martinelli’s sparkling cider.

Christmas Dinner

The sun was shining, so we snuck out before dishes to soak up some rare and precious rays on our traditional after-dinner walk. [Next post…]

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