Monday, December 8, 2014

An Upcoming Journey ~ Creating a Life You Love



My friend Mandi at Life Your Way is launching an incredible 12-month e-course for 2015!

Each month, participants will explore a different life theme such as Rest, Create, Serve, and Explore. Inspiration, encouragement, opportunity for discussion, and practical resources will be given for each theme by a panel of experts passionate about their topic. Mandi has organized a stellar line-up of contributors (I know you will recognize at least a few!), and this course will be a rich experience to make the most of a new year!

I am honored to be leading September’s theme, Learn.

I cannot express how much I am looking forward to exploring the idea of filling our adult lives with learning—not for the sake of a product or a job or even our children but for the soul-enlarging pleasure of attention, wonder, and expression!

Consider taking the course with a friend!

LIVE. creating a life you love will be launching January 1st, but an early bird offer is available until December 15th. Click here to read details about the course and check out the themes and contributors!

Will you join me?


Anonymous said...

I saw that earlier. I think the course is a great idea, but the $156 (or so, maybe it was 159?) is too steep for me. But I'll keep thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

great concept, but i agree the cost is too steep. maybe if there were a monthly payment option....

Heidi said...

There will be a monthly payment option beginning December 15th! :)