Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family Movie Night

Hilarious and intelligent. Those are two words to describe my favorite genre of movies.

If your kids aren’t old enough for The Librarian or Indiana Jones or even National Treasure or Night at the Museum

Or if you’re just searching for a fun, smart movie to keep all ages entertained, try Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

My history-loving boys were lighting up. Hey, there’s Agamemnon! Queen Hatshepsut! I know that date! Van Gogh! Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine! Hey, I know those dates!

We’ll be buying this one for our collection.


Sarah M said...

I *LOVED* this movie, too, and so did my kids. There was plenty of education, action, and hilarity even for the adults. I told my husband I wanted to own it, too, and I almost never buy movies.
Sarah M

Unknown said...

We absolutely love this movie to. the boys watched it twice already this week. SO good.