Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Five ~ Best Movies

Five Favorite Movies @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

1. A couple friends and I got together last month to watch Anne of Green Gables in honor of the passing of “Gilbert.” I mentioned that I thought Anne of Green Gables (with the sequel) should be in the all-time top-five best movies. Being kindred spirits, my friends agreed. But that of course led us to wonder what other movies might be on the short list.

2. I suggested Pride and Prejudice. No arguments.

3. And The Princess Bride. No contest.

4. My friend Jessye said that The Man from Snowy River should be in the top five. I agreed, only if we could include the sequel, which I adore even more. [Then I had to re-watch both of them. swoon]

5. We were undecided on number five, but a conversation on my Facebook page settled it. We needed a musical. A few were in the running (notably Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady), but in the end there could be only one—The Sound of Music.

What movies are in your top five?


Timi said...

Jane Eyre (BBC mini series)
North and South (BBC mini series)
Sense and Sensibility (BBC mini series)
Emma (BBC mini series)
Pride and Prejudice

Christine said...

This is hard, but I'll play. Based on the movies I turn to when feeling under the weather or needing to entertain myself while wrapping Christmas presents:
1. Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow version)
2. Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightley one)
3. Les Miserables (Hugh Jackman)
4. You've Got Mail (Meg Ryan)
5. While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock)

I'm kind of embarrassed to mention the last two--not quite classics but still enjoyable romances. ☺️

Heidi said...

Timi~ I love all of those! North and South is almost equal to Pride and Prejudice. Sometimes I love it even more. :)

Christine~ Great choices. I probably would have picked Les Miserables except that it is newer, and I was going with movies that were formative for me over the past few decades. While You Were Sleeping was my first date with Russ!!!

carrie @ the boonie life said...

Agreed! Sense and Sensibility would definitely be in the running, maybe in place of The Man from Snowy River.