Sunday, May 31, 2015

Luke Turns 11 ~ Amusement Park Fun

Luke turns 11 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
We usually have dinner birthday parties at home with extended family and our best friends. This year, however, we had many family members out of town over Luke’s birthday weekend. We thought it was a good opportunity to go on an adventure instead, so we spent almost seven hours with our best friends at OAKS amusement park in Portland. The weather was in the 80s, and it felt like summer! I packed a picnic lunch and birthday dessert. Russ and the boys and friends even managed a roller skating session!
Amusement Park @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
The boys and I had been there once before, so they already knew where to start. Luke likes to spend as much time upside down as possible.
Luke Upside Down @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
The Screamin Eagle is Luke’s most favorite ride. Leif finally manned up and gave it a try. Turns out, he loves it, too. (Me? No, thanks!)
Screamin Eagle @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesLeif on the Screamin Eagle @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
Russ spent some time with Lola in the beginning, but then we switched and I rode a few rides with her (the ones that would make Russ sick) while Russ snapped pictures. Lola’s such a great sport, and she was having a blast.
Roller Coaster Fun @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesRainbow Roller Coaster @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesRoller Coaster Partners @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSpider @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesHot Air Balloon Ride @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
After a while, I was starting to feel queasy, so Lola went by herself on the little kiddie rides. The boys went non-stop all afternoon (other than lunch). They truly must have stomachs of steel.
Amusement Park Fun @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
Levi’s favorite ride is the one on the right, Disco. I have no idea how he can stand the spinning. Leif’s favorite ride is Eruption.
Eruption @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
After I had gone on the upside down roller coaster a couple more times, Russ talked me into going on the Eruption with Leif. Then I really was done.

We headed home, sweaty, dirty, exhausted, nauseated, and sunburned. [I think I was the only one nauseated and sunburned.]

Birthday party: success.

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