Saturday, May 2, 2015

On the Fence and Up a Creek [and stuck in a barn]

On the Fence @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Thursday: Clean house and make brownies. Host Hamlet book club.

Friday: Choir dress rehearsal during the late afternoon (while Lola waits) and swim team carnival in the evening.

Saturday: Swim meet and potluck. [Russ coaching, all three boys swimming.]

Sunday: Lola wakes up at 5am with a fever. Russ leaves for Las Vegas at 6:30am. [He’ll return Friday night.] Go to Costco. Make goodies. Iron clothes. Give Luke a haircut. Final choir concert for all three boys and dessert afterward (arrive an hour early for practice, Lola waits).

Monday: Iron clothes. Run errands. Buy tutor gifts. Edit photos for hours and burn picture CDs. Make goodies. Attend CC end of year program and finger food potluck.

Tuesday: Take boys to swim practice and wait with Lola in the truck for two hours.

Wednesday: Leif sick. Make goodies. Attend AWANA end of year program and dessert potluck for all four kids (take Levi early to practice skit).

Thursday: [Sweden born!] Levi ortho appointment. Herb shopping and errands. Attend book club while best friend watches kids. Levi sick.

Friday: Luke sick. Make goodies. Visit baby Sweden while saintly best friend watches kids again. [Russ home at 10pm!]

Saturday: Attend morning book club (hallelujah for a husband at home!). Take kids to an afternoon birthday party. Me sick. Post pictures. Go to bed.


Horse @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The kids were invited to a friend’s birthday party today. These friends live on a ranch surrounded by spectacular scenery. The kids spent a couple hours in the hay barn, swinging and playing, before spending some time wading in the frigid creek. The weather was perfection.

Picnic @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesOn the Ranch @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesOn the Rocks @ Mt. Hope Chronicles Up a Creek @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesWith Friends in the Water @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The story that these pictures do not tell is that Lola got stuck between two slats in the barn. She was caught at the neck and couldn’t go forward or backward. I have no idea how she got herself in that predicament, but Mr. Brant had to saw a board off to get her out. This is at least the second time he’s had to save one of my kids.

Invite my kids to your next party. You are guaranteed memorable excitement.

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Jill O. said...

The party looks idyllic, and I love the story of Lola! So glad she is okay, and glad you were willing to share. It sounds like the plot of a great picture book - being sawn (word?) out of the wall of a barn!