Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wings & Waves

Wings and Waves Waterpark @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After our overnight aviation and space museum field trip we drove next door to the Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark for six hours of water fun with our best friends. See the 747 on top of the building? The waterslides launch from inside the aircraft. (And, yes, it was raining on our second day. I was thankful for the gorgeous natural light inside the warm waterpark.)

Evergreen Wings & Waves @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

My best friend, Char, has a back injury, so she was unable to participate (sadly, water slides are her most favorite thing in the whole world). Instead, the two of us sat in white Adirondack chairs by the wave pool (not pictured) and talked the whole time. It was heavenly to have three boys who were capable of enjoying the park for six hours without constant parental supervision!! I could get used to that.

Waterpark @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The park has four huge slides, a wave pool, a swimming pool/whirlpool/spa area, and a splash area (below) with at least three smaller slides. The picture above is the view from the café.

Wings & Waves Waterpark @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

It was everything I could do to drag the boys out of the water park. I have no idea how they were still standing after such a short night’s sleep and that many hours climbing the stairs and swimming. I took a short nap in the Adirondack chair before driving home. The boys didn’t fall asleep for the hour and a half drive home, and they didn’t go to sleep until after 9pm. What stamina.

I’d call that a successful field trip and a spectacular way to celebrate the end of our official school year!

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