Monday, August 31, 2015

Rockaway Beach Getaway

Rockaway Beach House @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Two weeks ago we were enjoying a much-needed family vacation at Rockaway Beach on the northern Oregon coast. Friends of ours own a beautiful vacation rental townhouse there, and we were fortunate to have four glorious nights to relax (as much as one can with four children and a husband who loves projects) and explore the area. The wife is an interior designer and she obviously had fun adding gorgeous details to this home.

The townhouse is three stories high. The main living area is on the second floor. It contains the kitchen, dining, and living room as well as a half bath (through the open door in the picture above). I was a tiny bit in love with the kitchen.

Rockaway Beach House Kitchen @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And the living room.

Rockaway Beach Living Room @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I loved the soft blankets and the cupboard full of board and card games.

Rockaway Beach House Fireplace @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

A sliding glass door opened to the deck.

Rockaway Beach House Porch @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And the deck had a great view of the beach.

Rockaway Beach House Ocean View @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

This is a view of the townhouse from the beach.

Rockaway Beach House View @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

But, really, my favorite spot was upstairs.

Rockaway Beach House Master Suite @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Because this.

Rockaway Beach House Master Bath @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

There was a little reading nook in the master suite.

Rockaway Beach House Reading Nook @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Another small balcony allowed more ocean viewing. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Steam Train went by on the tracks a few times each day. The kids loved watching the historic steam engine and waving to the passengers.

Rockaway Beach House Balcony View @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Also upstairs, a guest room and guest bath. [Luke begged for this quiet spot of his own. He is my orderly son who shares a small room with his two disorderly brothers.]

Rockaway Beach House Guest Room @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesRockaway Beach House Guest Bath @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The entry to the house was on the first floor along with the garage. Behind the garage was a fantastic bunk room [which is where we sequestered the disorderly children].

Rockaway Beach House Bunk Room @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The beach was just a short walk away.

Rockaway Beach @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We spent some time on the beach as well as exploring the areas north and south of Rockaway Beach. I’ll share more about our adventures in an upcoming post.

Rockaway Beach House Sunset @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Kellie said...

Looks like a delightful getaway. Great way to start off the new school year!

Timi said...

It's a wonderful place!!! I am glad you had a great time there! :o)

Callie said...

So fun! We did Rockaway on the 4th of July this year and loved it!

t said...

My mother in law lives in Rockaway, and her old house is directly across the street from this ;-)

Heather said...

Gorgeous! Love your photos.

Elizabeth said...

I am in love! I so want to go here!!! It is a 15 hour drive for us, eeek!