Tuesday, August 4, 2015

To the Mansions of the Lord

Grandpa's Memorial @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

My family held a belated memorial service for my grandpa this past month. A memorial service was held in California the week of his passing, but other friends and family were better able to attend a later Oregon service.

The service, held at a nearby church, was simple, short, and casual. I was nominated to lead the service. My cousin-in-law prayed. My uncle played the piano for a congregation hymn (How Great Thou Art). Luke read a short passage from my grandpa’s autobiography. Ivy played a song on the piano. We watched a video recording of the folding of the flag and taps and short message at his burial in May as well as a slide show of pictures of Grandpa’s life. There was a time of sharing (Lola told everyone that ‘Grandpa played the Peter Rabbit game with me’) and then we ended with the following video.

After the short (hot!) service, we gathered a couple miles down the road at my parents’ and sister’s garden for food and conversation. [Pictured above.]

My cousins from Illinois (two of them now live in Missouri)—Lori, Ryan, and Troy—spent three days with us (Lori’s husband, Jeff, is not pictured, but he was here as well).

Cousins @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Holly and Lori are very close in age and people always think they look like sisters (more so than Holly with Shannon and me).

Holly and Lori @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

My Uncle John from California also spent three days with us, so we all enjoyed spending the time together!

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