Friday, December 14, 2007

Last Chance

Voting for The Homeschool Blog Awards ends tomorrow (the 15th, at midnight). This is your last chance to vote me out of 8th place for the Best Artistic Content Blog. Or you could just vote for the most deserving blog. A few of them are amazing! Either way, don't forget to vote if you are so inclined.


Jennefer said...


You got my vote!!!! I so wish I could spend time with you in person to soak up your sweet spirit and creativity. Until then I will continue to be a devoted blog fan! :)

Thanks for sharing your life's journey in such a beautiful way.


Heidi said...

Hey, thanks, Jennefer. I think that is one of the neatest things about blogging. I've come in contact with some really neat people that I would love to know IRL... and you are most definitely on that list. :)

Maybe I'll plan a road trip across the U.S. with my family and stop and see all my blog friends along the way. Wait... that's a *great* idea! :)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

of course i voted for you...that is what bff's are for.
2 day + 2 morrow = 4 ever.
Please do not get a restraining order against me.

PS Thanks for the email article. You are a doll.

Heidi said...

You're a nut, Country Girl. :) Thanks for the vote!