Sunday, February 3, 2008


Unfortunately, the word (and Project 2008) that I have chosen for the month of February is Finances. There is just nothing beautiful or artistic about it. Nothing homey or calming. Not a bit soul-affirming or invigorating. Nope. Just money and paperwork.

As a child, the months of January and February were torture. There wasn't anything but rain, mud, and school. As an adult, my first impulse is to go weak in the knees with thrill at the thought of quiet, simple days of cookie baking and reading. I even start to get ambitious planning all of the organizing and cleaning projects I might be able to complete. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. End of the year book-keeping. Taxes. Paperwork. Ugh. My dream is shattered.

I have a bit of envy when I see those who meticulously keep records and receipts all year long. There are people not the least bit daunted by a tax form. Why couldn't I have that gift?

Even though January and February would creep along at a snail's pace as a child, they no longer do. I blink and my winter is gone. Gone are the dreams of snuggling on the couch with the blustery wind outside, fire crackling in the fireplace. (Not that my gas fireplace crackles.) Suddenly it is the middle of March and panic sets in. What happened to the projects I was going to tackle? The to-do list with satisfying check-marks?

At the very last minute, I force myself (under extreme duress) to add up numbers and gather any information that might be needed by our tax-preparers. Things were so much easier before Russ and I both had our own mini-businesses. How I miss the days of turning in one or two W-2 forms. Now, I stuff everything in an envelope and cringe as I hand it to my mother-in-law. That's right. She's an angel. Who else could deal with the mess I hand her with a smile on her face?

You would think I might buckle down and get it over with in January so that I could enjoy the rest of my peaceful winter, but, no. I'm an avoider. So this winter, my goal is to have all my paperwork finished and turned in by the end of the month. It might not be January, but it will do.

If I manage to get my paperwork done before the end of the month (gasp!), it is quite possible that I could even move on to making a household budget. Wouldn't that be amazing? And just because I like a challenge, how about I add reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover just for kicks? Okay, that might be going a bit to far. We'll see. Do you think I can live up to my Potential?

Have you chosen a project for this month?


Jenny said...

The best thing we ever did for our family's finances is to read Total Money Makeover and later attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (13 week course). It changed how we view money. We actually LOVE being on a budget now! Weird, huh? LOL!

Sheryl said...

My winter projects..

painted kitchen walls (done), make pillows for living room to tie into kitchen walls (half done), refinish coffee table to look like the one in pottery barn that I love but can't afford (need to buy the supplies to do that one), and now I'm off to sit by that crackling fire and read to the kids...winter is fleeting here in the south...gotta go enjoy it while I can. Best of luck on all your winter projects and make sure to have some hot chocolate by that fire!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

can you shop online at your store? i need a new bedspread...and i saw a quilt i like in a pic of yours.....

Heidi said...

Jenny~ I can't imagine ever loving bing on a budget, LOL. I'm sure it will feel great to get everything organized and be deliberate about our spending, though. Thanks for the encouragement.

Sheryl~ Wow! You have gotten a lot accomplished. Good for you! I'll think I'll just read to the kids today. :)

Country Girl~ We don't have online shopping at this time. (Used to, but it was a pain. ;-P) I'll have to ask Shan if she knows where else that quilt might be available.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenny. Dave Ramsey ( revolutionized the way that my husband and I thought about finances. Financial Peace University was a blast! Dave makes finances fun (I used to think the two were mutually exclusive
Bt the way, I love your idea of having a project for the month. I still have to think about what I want to work on for March.
I love your blog!