Saturday, February 2, 2008

January Project Update

How did you all do on your January projects?

I am so glad that I chose Routine as my first project! We aren't completely there, but we've made a great start. I posted an update a while back, and there isn't much new to report.

I love my evening routine. I have been getting the kitchen cleaned up including sweeping (and often mopping) the floor. Quite some time ago (I think when Levi was a baby) I was following Flylady's routines. Even though I haven't been doing this deliberately for some time, it is amazing how much of her advice has stuck with me. I have returned to the simple act of setting out my clothes for the next day. Even if it is just jeans and a t-shirt, this seemingly insignificant act makes my mornings go more smoothly. And I need all the help I can get.

Not Working:
Leif's naps. He goes to sleep just fine, but is it too much to ask that he stay asleep for longer than an hour and a half and wake up cheerful? It is really tough to finish Levi's lessons with a crying (and very heavy) 17 month old. I usually let him fuss for a while in the hope that he will magically drift back off to sleep. It never works.

Have you chosen a project for February? Be thinking...
Semicolon hosts the Saturday Review of Books today. Check it out!


carole said...

Time to get an Ergo. (or maybe you already have one?) It's the only way to keep Peter happy and out of the fray of homeschooling.


Heidi said...

I do have an Ergo, and I might have to get it out. How much does Peter weigh? Leif is now over 33 pounds. I only have so much stamina, LOL. I'll have to figure out how to teach standing up. :)

carole said...

33 lbs is a lot! I don't think Peter is that heavy. :)