Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Magic Wand

Christmas waves a

magic wand over this world,

and behold,

everything is softer

and more beautiful.

~Norman Vincent Peale


Jenny said...

A beautiful photo and quote.

Ruskin said...

Simply lovely!

Beth said...

I assume there is something written on the backs of the advent tags? I'm doing the same thing (yes, a little late) and just wondered if you mind sharing your ideas!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I am still in LOVE with your corkboard count down... I have had my board since this summer, but do you think I even made my countdown?? NOPE... What's wrong with me, and after you GREAT instructions!

Heidi said...

Stamper Story~ The idea of the advent board is to add an ornament to each tag each day. I love the idea of writing something on the back of each tag and reading it that day. I think I'll do that!

We actually have a separate advent book and cupboard that is our main advent activity, so I don't make a big deal of the tag board other than for decorative purposes...

Beth said...

Heidi- I half way copied your tag/ board idea!