Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know that I've shared a few snow pictures lately, mentioned the dusting of snow we received Christmas morning, and showed you the lovely sunshine/sunset on our walk Christmas evening, but I felt like I should be honest about our reality.

Yes, Russ did take the boys to play in the snow on the 26th. They went sledding and had a marvelous time. Yes, we went back to the snow (what was left of it) on the 28th and went sledding (in the rain), but the point I need to make is that we went to the snow.

The reality at our house looks mostly like this:

Wet, gray, muddy, and very messy. The boys don't mind, though. Luke made the 'bridge' above. Levi could spend hours in his 'dam' below.
Even I don't mind tromping though the wet on occasion.
(Levi informed me that this bog (below) is 'his old friend.' They met when we first moved in two years ago, and it is where he first found his tadpoles.)
The problem is that fresh air 'recess' includes mom supervision (since Leif refuses to nap), 3 baths, and an extra load of laundry.

Anyone want to come off-roading? Grin.


Christi said...

I've never even SEEN snow like that, much less played in it!

My boys love the mud, too - that's something we have a lot of around here right now.

Skeller said...

hehe. This post totally cracks me up! I love the picture of your boots in the mud puddle with your shadow reflecting. Fun!

I must admit: tho my boys would probably adore the mud and fun, that recess would probably only happen once with me (y'know, to get the pics!), and the rest of the time I would want to be curled up, warm inside, with a good book!!!

Speaking of books, thanks for letting me grab the CA copy. It arrived on my bday and felt like such a gift!! I'm beginning it today :-), but I promise to go slow and savor, so I'm still in it when yours arrives!!

Aja Jenise said...

Oh I love the dam... my Hannah could be his twin... she us always building some sort of fort, home or shelter for animals. She would be thrilled to find tadpoles the same too.

I love the picture with the boys bikes and the trees in the background as well. I hope you are enjoying the weather... wet or snowy its all the same. Interestingly enough we had 70 degree weather yesterday so the girls were excited to get out and play without their cumbersome coats.

Unknown said...

Oh Heidi! Your pictures are what it looks like around here in.... APRIL. We have a long time to go before it will get warm enough to make things wet again. Well, not that snow isn't wet... =) My kids would be having a blast to be able to play without having to be bundled up like the abominable snowman.

Heidi said...

Prairie Chick~ LOL! That's what it looks like here in April as well. September-June, actually. :)

Unknown said...

Boy, oh boy! I think I'll keep our deep snow over mud and laundry! But you can still bike ride...