Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marzipan (And St. Nicholas, Too)

Auntie Char, my best friend (of twenty years!!), and her children, McKinnon and Monet, joined us once again for our fourth annual celebration of St. Nicholas Feast Day. We again made Bishops' hats mini pizzas, drank hot cider, found gold coins in our shoes, and talked about the real St. Nicholas, but the kids' favorite tradition is making marzipan fruits and veggies.
Our artistic expectations have drastically changed over the last couple years. Now, we just let the kids 'have at it' and make their own creations. Leif joined us for the first time and had no trouble getting into the spirit of things.

Aunt Lori (Char's sister) was able to join us for the festivities this year, along with her adorable baby boy (you'll be seeing pictures of him in a few days...).
Auntie Char wins mega 'awesome auntie' points for taking Levi (and McKinnon) to the children's museum for an Ancient Civilizations workshop later in the afternoon where they learned about Ancient Greece, Rome, and China, and made ice cream, a lyre, and paper. Talk about excellent timing! Not only did she take Levi off my hands, but she also took Luke (and Monet) for free play time at the museum. Yep. Awesome Auntie!

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Renee said...

I copied your St. Nic pizzas yesterday. What would I do without your creativity? Lots of people comment that I am creative, but I always set them straight and tell them I just know where to look and who to mimic. :) We have never observed St. Nicholas day and it was a big success...the first of many to come. Glad you had a good day, too!