Friday, December 26, 2008

True Gifts

My family has never had large Christmas gift budgets, but gift giving and receiving is always a highlight of our day. Much love goes into the wrapping alone!
A few years ago, we went with a book theme and only purchased books for each other (with a few games, CDs, and DVDs thrown in). Shannon and Mom found very simple canvas book bags which they personalized with various vintage-style images and each child's name (using iron-on transfers). Each child also received matching book plates.

This year, Shannon handmade for me two gorgeous pairs of earrings. Holly gave my family a gift box lined with greens and full of handmade items. Drake and Ivy made zucchini bread and cookie dough. Holly added a jar of dried apple slices, jars of dried herbs from her garden, and strawberry jam. Ilex made all of their gift tags, and added a babysitting coupon in our gift box.

A couple gifts from World Vision and Samaritan's Purse were also purchased in our family's name!

Both Russ and Levi have already finished reading the books I gave them, and we had a delightful family movie night watching Prince Caspian after Russ spent the afternoon in the snow with the boys (they had to drive a ways... only rain and mud here).

I realize that Christ is the ultimate gift, but I love watching the thoughtfulness of others displayed through meaningful gifts. What was your favorite gift this Christmas?


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I love the simplicity of your gifts. Love the book bag idea, too. My favorite gift this year was a Christmas tree that my 11-year old daughter made for me out of wrapping paper that was the topper for a candy jar. It looked like something out of Martha Stewart. I want a dozen of them!

Erin Neiner said...

Thank you for posting so much of your Christmas!! ( I must get my pics off the camera into the computer before the new year!) :) It looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Your blog has been a gift to me as I recently happened upon it and enjoy checking in (though I am a quiet commenter right now!) Your pictures, ideas, decorative touches, thoughts, poems, heart for Christ, and boys are all a great inspiration. THANK YOU. BUT, to answer your question, my favorite gift this year...other than the memories...was a beautiful green scarf my sister-in-law bought me while she was in Venice. Oh my. It's grand. :)