Friday, December 26, 2008

The View Upon Arriving

After spending an unhurried morning at home (a slight dusting of snow, opening stockings and a couple gifts, eating scrambled eggs, banana bread, and OJ for breakfast, and getting purty Christmas clothes on...) we drove down the road to my parents' home to spend our day there.

My mom decorated her house and finished her shopping and wrapping before her back surgery two weeks ago.
It just wouldn't be Christmas anywhere else.

(The highchair that serviced all three of us girls and 6 grandchildren:)


Alysa said...

Wow. Your mother's home is beautiful and inspiring. Hopefully she's recovering nicely from her surgery. I, too, am with my mom up in Canada - nothing like being home for Christmas!

I so enjoy your blog!

Sarah said...

That was beautiful & so welcoming. It has such a warm fuzziness to it. I see where you get your talent & inspiration from. Thank you for sharing those sweet memories.

Your mom seems to be doing well, so glad, she's be in our thoughts & prayers

We can tell that you had a wonderful Christmas.

Sheila said...

Beautiful home! I can see where you get your sense of style.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your mom seems to be recovery nicely. Let us know if she needs more prayer in the future! ~Tera