Monday, January 19, 2009


In answer to a few of your questions about our school room: I purchased the above book rack at Pottery Barn. It is a great way to display picture books so that children can see the covers. I originally had it mounted in Levi's room before we moved, and it now lives in the school room.

For by-the-bed book storage, I purchased the collector's shelves below (also from Pottery Barn). Luke and Levi each have a shelf mounted by their headboard (particularly convenient for bunk beds). The shelves are just deep enough to hold a water bottle and a favorite toy or two along with bed-time reading material.
And Tera asks if she needs an all-in-one printer/copier/fax machine. Short answer: I don't know how I would live without the printer/flat bed copier. We do a lot of copying around here. The fax machine aspect is rarely or never used, but it is nice to have it just in case. We purchased it at Costco. My hubby handles all those purchases, maybe he'll chime in about the cost in the comments section. Grin.

ETA: I finally answered the spelling and Phonics Pathways questions in the language arts comments below. Very un-brilliantly, though. Short version: I don't know and Because I'm lazy.


Christi said...

I love those red shelves! I've thought about those for the boys' top bunk; the bottom already has bookshelves built in.

Shell in your Pocket said...

So fun! I love those shelves..they are great!
-sandy toe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info Heidi! I was also looking to buy book shelves exactly like those for our bunk bed walls :) IKEA did not have any, so I will see if PB still carries some. I've been "hinting" at my hubby for two years about the need for a copier/printer...perhaps I should also pray that he will feel the need as well :) ~Tera