Saturday, January 24, 2009


Latin: I've spent the last two years eager to begin Prima Latina, but holding myself back, knowing that the next step (Latina Christiana) would be difficult to tackle if I started too early with Levi. I could hold out no longer, and Levi and I are thrilled to be learning Latin. (Prima Latina is recommended by The Well-Trained Mind for Latin study in the elementary years.)

Some of you are asking, 'Why Latin?' Here is your answer. 'Why study Latin in second grade?' Here is your answer. 'Don't young children find it difficult and boring?' Here is your answer. See how easy that was? {Grin}

Prima Latina makes learning Latin simple and engaging, even for the parent with no Latin experience (me). Though we've only completed three weeks, Levi, Luke, and I find it fascinating. Each weekly lesson contains a practical Latin phrase (One out of many, stand up, Where are you going?, hello/goodbye), a Latin lesson, five vocabulary words, English derivatives, and one line of a Latin prayer. The Student Book contains exercises for practice and review to complete during the week.

Prima Latina contains 25 lessons and 5 review lessons, combined to create a 30-week program. In the end, the student will have learned 125 Latin vocabulary words, numbers 1 through 10, basic constellations, 25 practical Latin phrases, four Latin prayers, seven parts of speech, and simple introductions to tenses, derivatives, conjugations and declensions. Not bad for second grade.

My sister was completely intimidated by the thought of teaching Latin when she was planning her homeschooling materials three years ago. It turned out that Latin was one of her and her children's favorite subjects that year, and they have continued on into Latina Christiana.

While we are on the subject of languages, I'll mention that I would really like to add in some Spanish practice this year. We may review previous lessons (from La Clase Divertida), listen to CDs or watch Spanish DVDs. What I would like to do, though, is have Levi begin using Rosetta Stone. I haven't settled on a course of action at present, and we may not have time to fit it in just yet.

(Any language updates will be posted with the Latin and Spanish label.)


Christi said...

I've wondered about this, and always assumed it was "overkill" - for lack of a more delicate term. *wink*

But, after reading the links it makes more sense. Definitely something to look into!

Molly Anne said...

I always wanted to learn Latin!

I used to go over Latin and Greek root words in my English class to help my students be able to figure out the meaning of words they might not know the definition of. I think knowing the language would make that a lot easier.

Angel said...

My 8 year old was begging for Prima Latina so he could "learn Latin in his spare time"! I'm not much of a classical homeschooler, so I was not going to do Latin but we ordered it this week and I admit I'm almost as excited as he is!
We'd love to do Rosetta Stone as well, we have a sampler CD that my boys LOVE to use.
Anyhow, I'm glad to see you recommend it, we had just done our own research and chosen it from that!