Friday, January 23, 2009


Mab asks: Who inspires you?

If we are talking blogs, this is what I look for:

An appreciation for a simple and beautiful life presented in artistic images (lets say photography for convenience), parenting (boys in particular), homeschooling (classical in particular), creativity, nature, Christian faith, literature and/or poetry.

These are a few favorites:

Short On Words. Photography (to the tenth power!), parenting (3 boys!), homeschooling (classical!), gorgeous nature photos, Christian faith (meaningful scripture passages every Sunday accompanied by her gorgeous nature photos), and literature.

Prairie Prologue. Photography, parenting (3 boys, 2 girls!), homeschooling, nature (farm life), Christian faith, and poetry (she posts poetry with accompanying photos that make magic together!).

Bella Art Girl. Photography (her collages fill me with joy), parenting, homeschooling (classical), nature, Christian faith.

Blue Yonder. Photography, parenting (3 boys!), homeschooling, creativity, and nature.

Soule Mama. Photography, parenting, homeschooling, creativity, and nature.

Holy Experience. Photography, parenting (6 kiddos!), homeschooling, nature, and an emphasis on Christian faith.

Planted by Streams. I think Jennifer's blog has absolutely blossomed in the last six months! Photography, parenting, homeschooling, nature, and Christian faith.

Simple Mom. An excellent blog full of content. She chooses great photos to compliment her articles on making your home a haven, taking care of yourself, money management, productivity, kids, and so much more.

If we are talking about people whom we look up to, I would have to say that Susan Wise Bauer is my idea of a brilliant woman who has accomplished amazing things!

If we are talking inspiring people in our own life, I am lucky to have three wonderful women in my life who serve as support and inspiration:

My mom and I are very close, and I look to her for inspiration and advice in parenting and life. My younger sister and I share a brain. She has the right half, I have the left. We finish each other's sentences. She inspires in me creativity, audaciousness, and a desire to see outside the box. My older sister and I have been very close friends since high school. She is a super-mom and she inspires me to 'just do it.' Her homeschooing journey the past two years has been a blast to watch. I want to be just like her when I grow up.


Katrina said...

Thanks for all the great links... I've been really enjoying them!(3 of them I am already familiar with) and I love what you wrote about your sisters (you three are so beautiful!)I feel much the same way about my own sisters.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog today -and like it!
My name is also Heidi and just like you, i have three boys. Mine are almost 6 year, 4 and 3 years old. I thought it was fun that we not only had the same name, but have three boys in almost the same ages! And we share some hobbies as well :-) I have also a blog, but I write in swedish, because it´s were we live...but you are welcome to check it out if you want to!
/ Heidi

Skeller said...

Thank you, Heidi! The inspiration flows both ways - I'm inspired nearly daily by your blog, thoughts, design, heart, ...

I look forward to perusing the other blogs you list when I'm back home - we're on the road for a photo adventure (details & pics yet to come ;-)

ps. Penderwicks 2 - not as good as first, but still so many precious moments in it. I'm only half thru, so the jury's still out... also I've started The Moonstone (pretty sure I got that off one of your lists) and so far, so good.

Heidi said...

Katrina~ Thank you!

Heidi~ Thanks so much for commenting! I wish I could read Swedish, because your blog is beautiful. It is very nice to meet you!

Susan~ I'm looking forward to the pictures (as always!). I hope you enjoy Moonstone.... yep, it's on my list. :) Let me know what you think!

Sarah said...

Thank you for all the tips & insight these past few post. I always seem to be able to find a new energy or inspirtation when I stop by. It is so nice to get the view of someone who has used a program etc. in real life & can point out pro's & con's. Your book suggestions have been so valuable.
Plus I love your photos. Again you just seem to get so much done - more than me anyway.

Many thanks for all of your much needed help.

Unknown said...

wow. just wow. life is funny. One maybe never feels very inspiring... feels inspired by someone else (namely you) and then finds out that they inspire that person too? *grin* Love ya, Heidi, what a special blessing your words were for me today.

I thought of you when I posted this over at the schoolhouse today...


Jennifer said...

Thank you, Heidi. I'm, well, flattered to be included on a list with so many inspiring women. It's always a delight to visit here... full of beauty and inspiration.

Loved your homeschool subject themed posts. Lots of good, useful information.


Mab said...

Thank you for your inspirations.
After reading about your sisters I wished I had sisters!
All the blogs you recommended are lovely- having fun reading/looking at them!