Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tender Shepherd

Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me,

Bless Thy little lamb tonight.

Through the darkness be Thou near me,

Watch my sleep till morning light.

All this day Thy hand hath led me,

And I thank Thee for Thy care.

Thou hast clothed me, warmed and fed me,

Listen to my evening prayer.

(I found this beautiful little hymn in Levi's new piano lesson book. We are going to memorize it for our bedtime prayer!)


Molly Anne said...

I love that!

I just noticed that you guys are reading The Bronze Bow - I read that with one of my classes and when we finished it I prepared a meal party for them with pita, humuus, couscous, olives, goat cheese, etc. All things I ate when I was in Israel so I knew they were "authentic" ;) The kids loved it! (Well...except for the goat cheese, they weren't sold on that one)

Alysa said...

Beautiful hymn. We might memorize it, too.