Friday, June 26, 2009

The Berry Family

B Family

Photographing the Berry family was a wonderful pleasure.
The girls are positively angels, and they braved the cold breeze with cheerful smiles.
I've only just begun to edit all the lovely images we managed to capture.
It will be impossible not to share more with you in a couple days.



The Girls (3)

B Family (2)

The Girls

The Girls (2)

Annie and Molly


Mrs. E. said...

Absolutely Lovely!!!

Skeller said...

You're really going to have to start including Cliff Notes on your processing. These portraits are beautiful and your processing a perfect complement to them!

Heidi said...

Susan~ Hmmm. The Cliff Notes: Sharpen This (Eyes), Claire-ify, Pool Party (around 40%), Smooth-o-matic, and Punch-Out. :) Oh, and *thanks* for that wonderful link on skin tones you posted at i heart faces. Very helpful. It might take a while for me to get the hang of (like everything else, sigh), but it was really straightforward advice. Thanks!!

Laurel said...

Gorgeous gorgeous!

Molly Anne said...

Your photos are always delightful.

I love the one of the parents kissing the girls - so cute!

Gullett Circus said...

So cute, that was my sons first grade teacher when he went to public! Amazing! I will be contacting you soon for ours to be taken!

Jodi Privatsky said...

Heidi, these are beautiful! I would love for you to photograph my girls soon...maybe this fall? Your work is incredible :-)

Helen said...

you are super talented -- great job for this family!

Anonymous said...

I love the girls standing behind the large frame.