Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ChocLit Guild in the Garden

Dueling Cameras at ChocLit Guild

Mom and I were the dueling cameras at our book club meeting last week. We were in the garden where the weather, scenery, company, and conversation were at its best. It seemed fitting, somehow, after last gathering in the garden to discuss Uncle Tom's Cabin, to then return to discuss April 1865: The Month That Saved America (review coming soon).

I thought I would again celebrate girls' night out by driving the Mustang. Sadly, I had no brakes, but that is a story to add to the Mustang saga I'll tell another day.

It felt like a coming home, of sorts, as many of us feel a sentimental tie to Poet's Garden, which has now been closed for a year. Obviously, for a few of us, we really were home. (The shop sits on the plot of my childhood veggie garden.)

ChocLit Guild in the Garden

We talked away the evening, devouring our chocolate cake and refreshing drinks. It was certainly convenient to have a cozy building in which to retreat as the mosquitoes came out in full force. We seated ourselves in the numerous chairs purchased as photo session props.

ChocLit Guild Evening

ChocLit Guild has a wonderful legacy of babies born into the club. I was pregnant with Luke when we began meeting over five years ago. Luke, Monet, and Ivy were born that year. Malachi the next. Then Leif, Jared, and Daphne. Phoebe is our current babe of the hour, and she is a doll!

Our previous book selections are listed here, but this is our current line-up:

The Giver (Lois Lowry)
Three Cups of Tea (Mortenson/Relin)
Louisa May Alcott Novel (reader's choice)
April 1865 (Jay Winik)
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Jamie Ford)
I Am David (Anne Holm)
E.P. Roe Novel (reader's choice)
Mystery (reader's choice)
Jane Eyre
Biography (reader's choice)
Personality Style Books (reader's choice)
Quo Vadis*
The Jesus I Never Knew (Yancey)

*Several years ago, we had a month when each reader chose a book set around the life of Christ. Most of us read Quo Vadis, Ben Hur, The Silver Chalice, or The Robe. We enjoyed them so much, we've chosen this theme a few times since. This year, we've added The Bronze Bow and the Mark of the Lion series to widen the pool of selections.


Heather said...

These are lovely photos, Heidi!! What a wonderful way to spend an evening-- with friends, great books, a beautiful backdrop, and chocolate cake!! It just doesn't get much better than that :) And now, thanks to you, I have a few new book selections to add to my ever-growing list... Thanks!

Lisa said...

Oooh...this is the epitome of what a literary guild should be! The photos look very inviting and the book list sounds divine. May I say that I have read the Mark of the Lion series by F. Rivers and they are wonderful. The first in the series was the first book of hers I had read. I have since read quite a few and have enjoyed every single one. My favorite, though, is Redeeming Love...a retelling of the story of Hosea and Gomer.

Chelsea M said...

Thanks so much for the book list. I'm always on the lookout for new suggestions. I just borrowed I Am David and Three Cups of Tea from the library. LOVE Quo Vadis and Mark of the Lioin series. Your group looks like so much fun!

Mon Cheri said...

LOVE,LOVE the way your photos came out! I never even thought of taking any inside. I don't think of that space as looking very good yet but your pics made it look perfectly glowy! Nice post.

Manderly Ringor said...

That looks like so much fun! Beautiful pictures too. :) I love the Mark of the Lion Series! I am going to be reading it again this coming school year while we study Ancient Greece and Rome. Can't wait! Have a great day!

Trish said...

I am about to reread Quo Vadis after visiting the Colosseum last week. I also saw Nero's wife house excavated in Pompeii. Seriously, I have enough to read to last another ten lifetimes!

Looks lovely. Great pics. And oh dear on the no brakes on the Mustang! Yikes! :) Sounds so Italian. :)

nanajoy said...

It was a lovely evening indeed!! Great pics to share with all! You made the inside look so enchanting!!

Anonymous said...

from Tera~ Heidi, I have just started my first book in the Mark of The Lion series myself this week. That book club party of yours looks magical! Wish I were there -I LOVED Poet's Garden!!!

Renee said...


Laurel said...

WHAT a great book group you have! I have been in different ones over the last ten years wherever I have lived and have really loved sharing the reading experience. Great recommendations and several I've never read. THANKS as always.

One day I'll make it to the pacific northwest (I've never been)!

Skeller said...

Gosh, I wish I was local. What an awesome bookclub! Of course, I wrote down a list from your list. Woohoo- it's summer and I plan to get my butt away from the 'puter more and into a comfy chair for reading (smirk).

I read the Mark of the Lion series a few years back. I remember liking it despite the heavy Harlequin romance influence that just made me want to stick my finger down my throat. I remember being enthralled with her depiction of the setting/culture - she soooo brought that time period to life for me.

I'm continuing to LOVE your beautiful photography. Lovely, indeed, is your blog space and photography these days.

Btw, what new camera did you get???

The Hayes Zoo said...

WOW - now THAT is a book club. I wish I was a local too!

Your pictures are beautiful and I love that Poet's Garden still holds lovely things.

Melissa Stover said...

what a gorgeous place!