Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rouse Family

R Family (15)

Golly, my camera has been getting a workout lately! And I've been in girl heaven. Grin. This time around, I had the pleasure of meeting Jen and Eric and their three little girls. I've often read Jen's blog, The Short Years, so it was fun to spend some time with her in person! Her girls are gorgeous, but you can see for yourself...

These are three little girls you wouldn't mind meeting in an dark alley (wait, I did meet them in an alley!):

R Family (4)


R Family (2)

R Family (14)

R Family (3)


R Family (10)

R Family (11)

R Family (5)


R Family (12)

R Family (13)

R Family (9)

And don't forget Mom and Dad!

R Family (8)

I'll have a few more photos to show you tomorrow, and then we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming. (Do I have regularly scheduled programming?)


Beverly said...

where do you find such interesting back grounds?

Jodi Privatsky said...

Geez Heidi- you just keep getting more creative and take the most gorgeous photos!! You are truly in your element- such beautiful work! You certainly have a knack for this- who knows where it will take you! :-)

Jen Rouse said...

LOVE THEM! Thanks for such a fun time and gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy busy girl! Great job Heidi...~Tera