Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hiking the Trail

On a Hike

Once we, my little family and my parents, arrived at our magical spot, we happened upon my sister, Shannon, and her husband. Actually, we knew they were having lunch there and thought we'd barge in on their party. They were just getting back from a hike on the trail. Apparently Ben had been chatting on the trail about how they needed to get the whole family together there for a day. Surprise! (Holly, where were you?!)

We gathered at a picnik table and soaked in the atmosphere while eating our lunch, sharing chips here and a cluster of grapes there... Eventually we were ready to set off for an adventurous hike. Shannon and Ben stood on shore and waited until we were around the bend before continuing down the road on their own adventure.

Mom and I were (as always) the dueling cameras. The boys ran circles around us, as we stopped to take pictures of everything.

Walking the Trail 2

Fallen trees are cut away to clear the path. Large sheets of bark cover swampy areas of trail.

On the Trail

Walking the Trail

Trail Scenery

Walking the Trail 3

The falls greeted us at the end of the official trail. But 'the end' never stops us...

Down to the Falls

At the Falls

I'm always reluctant to try a family photo in the midst of an adventure (what little boy can sit still in the best of times, much less when a trail beckons, and who looks their best after a hike?), but we made the attempt anyway... (And I have a crazy-huge bruise on my knee from slipping on the wet rocks and saving my camera instead of my body...)

The Family

Walking the Trail 4

This little waterfall heads down to the creek from the cave that gives the site it's name. Later I'll show photos from below.

Trail Waterfall

We had to stop for a moment to feel the damp, cold air and listen to the echo-y trickling sounds coming from the mouth of the dark cave.

House Rock Cave

When we were hiked-out, the boys were ready for a little water action (the weather was incredible for May!). More photos to come.


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Fantastic pictures!! So green!

Skeller said...

such amazing, lush beauty. I can see why this place is so special to you. It looks like it's just one gorgeous landscape vista after another, God's handprints everywhere.

Anonymous said...

What incredible pictures of House Rock, Heidi. Beautiful!! Looks like a fun day. How well do I remember. Grandma

Mon Cheri said...

Heidi, I think your pictures are great! The hanging moss really stands out and and all the different shades of grean are just the way it is. Love the angles too. I'm tempted to show the photo of how you got that shot of the kids looking over the side of the bridge!

Precision Quality Laser said...

Heidi..where is that in Oregon? Silvercreek Falls?

Beautiful photography!

I love the family photo..your boys are adorable!

Kristi said...

Wow, what a beautiful place!!!

Heidi said...

Mrs. Q~ No it is east of I-5 on Hwy 20. Up in the mountains on the way to Sisters and Bend.

Deidra said...

This is just breathtaking!