Thursday, June 11, 2009

More of my Favorite Magical Spot

Relax 4

After hiking, it was time to get our feet wet (or take pictures, or read a book...)


Relax 5

Relax 2

Relax 6

The photo on the right (below) shows the waterfall coming down from the trail and cave above.

Relax 3

Relax 7

We always make a stop at The Home of the All American Food on our way home from day trips in this area. What is it about ordering our food from the phone at the booth, or the waitresses with the cool money/change belts?

All American Food


Deidra said...

And again...these leave me breathless! Beautiful!

Shannon said...

i want to be there, looks amazing. as far as names- especially boys- we're open to any ideas you might have- we need help!

Melissa Stover said...

beautiful place, great pictures.

K-Sue said...

I want t jump right in - and then go order a burger with all the trimmings.

Colleen said...

Ahhh, aren't we blessed to live amidst such heavenly beauty? I must find out just where this spot is, by the way. It definitely warrants a visit. Even the A&W is idyllic; I could make an exception for such a spot.

On another note, I just posted on Shannon's blog and said I'm experiencing small world syndrome. Did you find her blog through mine, or...?

Heidi said...

Gasp! Did I read that correctly?! Colleen would visit a fast food joint?! Grin. Well, I'd be glad to be your tour guide at my favorite spot on earth. Oh, wait, you don't do tour guides, either. :) Well, we could go there together when you vacation down this way.... And, yes, I did find Shannon's blog through one of her comments on yours. I was immediately drawn to her photography and introduced myself.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you introduced yourself- I love it when people pop in and especially when they introduce themselves. It's been great to be inspired by your blog-