Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cookbook Delights

blueberry muffins

We've been on a cookbook kick around our house, lately. Levi got the wild idea to have an international-themed birthday party (in January), so he has been pouring over The International Cookbook For Kids. I often see him with a little 'composition notebook' writing down the page numbers and recipes that he would like to have made for his party.

Leif doesn't get left out of anything, so he grabbed the DK Children's Quick & Easy Cookbook. This is the perfect cookbook for Leif: very visual, some words that he can read, and step-by-step, numbered picture instructions. He wants me to look at it with him and pick out my favorite foods.

But Luke has been pouring over our hefty FamilyFun Cookbook (which is, of course, no longer available). It has so many great recipes, photographs, and ideas (a whole page on various play dough/clay recipes). Luke is constantly bringing me the cookbook, turning up his little earnest face, and saying things like, 'Did you know you can make all kinds of scones?!'

A few mornings ago, I walked into the kitchen, and Luke had everything on the counter to make Swedish pancakes. He put two eggs in a little glass bowl. He put a stick of butter in another. He found a 1 1/2 cup measure and put it next to the flour. He had the tablespoon measure next to the sugar. The salt and milk were on the counter. He handed me my apron. This boy was *ready* to make breakfast. It didn't matter that he didn't really know what Swedish pancakes were (and that I would have to eat the whole batch by myself.....).

Leif never misses out on any activity, so Luke read the recipe and they both helped measure, pour, and stir. They were involved every step of the way. (Levi was off in his own little world planning his January birthday party....)

The next morning, we decided on blueberry muffins to go with our scrambled eggs. Luckily, these were more of a hit, and I didn't have to eat the whole batch myself.

It is very clear to me that Luke may be my biggest ally in the kitchen within just a couple years. And I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that....


Anonymous said...

That sounds like SO much fun you all are having, especially the boys. I really got a kick out of all your descriptions of the differences between your boys. And of course I was disappointed they didn't eat the Swedish pancakes. We make them gluten-free now and love them. Keep having fun and the boys will be a big help in the future. Grandma

mdvlist said...

Can I just comment on how amazing it is that you're posting as much as you are a.) while significantly pregnant and b.) during the summer? Thank you; your blog is my guilty pleasure.

Stef said...

Heidi - wow - blueberry muffins are definitely my favorite! Great cook book I'll have to check it out.

Thanks for linking up today!
The Homeschool Village

monica @ paperbridges said...

I bet those have great pix to inspire kids in the kitchen. I'll be looking for those books, thanks!

Unknown said...

I am going to have to check out the International cookbook for Kids. It seems like it will be a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for sharing.