Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fine Arts: Poetry

Okay, so I had a million OTHER things on my to-do list, and I realize that most days it is a challenge to get to the basic skill subjects (plus having a baby in the house!), but I had a bee-in-my-bonnet day of wanting to plan a fine arts schedule for the next two years!! What was I thinking?! Oh, yeah, I was thinking that I was so inspired by the art study link I shared with you on Monday and re-inspired by the composer study link. And then I had poetry on the brain!

So, I'm in the middle of plotting a fine arts study schedule. One composer, one artist, and one poet a month. Roughly chronological and corresponding with our history studies, as well as the composers and artists scheduled for Classical Conversations. No problem.

For the poet studies, I'll be using a combination of books. I adore A Child's Introduction to Poetry. The first half of the book describes various types of verse with examples and humorous illustrations. The accompanying CD features many of the poems. (We love listening to it in the car!)

The second half of the book lists famous poets in chronological order. There are samples of the poets works, as well as brief biographical information. We'll be using this half of the book for several of our monthly poet studies.

I will also be heavily utilizing the Poetry for Young People series. Our library carries a few titles, my sister has several, and I'll be purchasing the rest (they are fairly inexpensive).

The books begin with a short biography of the titled poet and then an illustrated sampling of the poet's work. There is also a small amount of commentary and definitions of some of the more obscure words.

I'll share my full basic schedule in a few days, and then each month I'll share more details about the composer, artist, and poet we are studying (and any additional resources).


Stephanie said...

These look like wonderful resources! I'll look forward to hearing your plans! (I'm fairly new to your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it). : )

We HS classically ... this year, my 1st grader will be attending a 2-day/wk tutorial for her history/science. I'm having baby #4 this fall (as I understand you are are, too - congrats!) and we decided this was a good fit for this season. I have heard wonderful things about Classical Conversations and, while it wasn't a fit for us this year, I'm going to be learning more about it over the next year for possible future plans.

A Contrarian's Way said...

Again, THANK YOU for putting your plans down in writing. I feel like you truly are an answer to prayer, as I often feel overwhelmed at times trying to plan all of the subjects I want to cover for our homeschool this year. Art and Music are not my strength, so I always leave them to last or not at all, but SO desire to do them, so to have your help is immeasurable! Sincerely, Julie