Monday, July 12, 2010


Indiana Ben

No one does birthday parties quite like my best friend, Char. Her son and daughter's birthdays fall in the same week in June, so she alternates years giving them awesome birthday bashes. The Alice in Wonderland party was one of my favorites (and the Knight and Fairy Princess parties at Enchanted Forest), but the Indiana Jones theme this year was FABULOUS. I simply can't believe the amount of work she goes to (because it is one of her favorite things to plan and pull off!) as well as all the details she thinks up!

This year, she planned an elaborate adventure/treasure hunt for the kids led by Indiana Jones (my really great sport of a brother-in-law, Ben). Each child was given an Indiana Jones hat and a camoflage satchel to gather their treasures and clues in. They went through snake pits, turned each other into mummies, completed a short obstacle course and were shot at by 'poisonous darts' as they came out of the tunnel, and more. They received (fake) snakes, binoculars, compasses, and 'gold' coins for treasures. At the end of their adventure, they found a treasure chest pinata!

All the action was followed up with an awesome BBQ dinner and the incredible cake Char made! I don't know how she'll top this one, but I know I'm marking that weekend out on next year's calendar.


Shell in your Pocket said...

what a cake!

sandy toe

jodi said...

that is awesome! my 3 youngest boys are way into indiana. their favorite thing this summer has been the whip we made out of brown duct tape (google that one). and that cake is awesome! we have all those legos too....