Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Wedding Story ~ The Bridal Party

Bridal Party

Amber started in on official bridal party and family portraits. I tried to help keep track of what pictures still needed to be taken and captured a few little moments myself.

Bridal Family

When all the bridal party and family were finished, Amber spent more time taking photos of the bride and groom. (I'm on pins and needles waiting to see them!!!) It was a perfect time for me to escape and lie down for a little while, resting up for the evening. It was a hot afternoon, but not quite as bad as the 95-100 degree days preceding Saturday....

Bride and Groom


Jennifer said...

Heidi, I am loving all these!!! So. incredibly. beautiful.

Jessye said...

I LOVE these!

April said...

I am so loving everything about this wedding, the colors, the little details, the photography... More, please! (And for the record, I'm not a wedding person, but I am thoroughly enjoying these posts, and I don't even know the bride or groom.)