Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Seven ~ Week 30


1:: The boys arrived home from their camping trip on Sunday. Happy and filthy. I hope to get some photos up this next week. Russ did an amazing job keeping it all together and making fabulous memories with the boys. The time alone did wonders for me...

2:: Luke and Levi spent the mornings this week at VBS (for the first time). They LOVED it, and I loved having 5 quiet mornings with Leif.

3:: Book club on Thursday was amazing. Twilight is out of our normal repertoire, so it provided some interesting fodder. My sister, Holly, has been hosting a French exchange student the last couple weeks. She happens to be quite the Twilight fan, so Holly and Shannon drove her up to see several locations where the movies were filmed (including Bella's house) and took photos which they shared at our meeting. Marie also made us the most delicious crepes to add to our traditional chocolate dessert. Debi, the cake was wonderful!! And twilight in the garden was lovely. Have I mentioned how much I adore my book club ladies?!

4:: To add to the week's Twilight theme, we played a rousing family game of softball in a thunderstorm Friday evening. Okay, so there was only one clap of thunder, and our game in no way resembled the one in Twilight other than the fact that we don't have enough players to make teams. The sunset was stunning, though (see above). When twilight descended and the ball was hard to spot coming at us, the sisters and Marie (the French exchange student) cozied up in Shannon's playhouse for movie night. Yes, that one. The commentary included excited 'we saw that!'s and 'we've been there!'s.

5:: My brain is on vacation, and I have no intellectually stimulating links for you today.

6:: I've spent too much time this week looking at every single photo at Jinky Art. (Now you know why my brain is on vacation...) I don't think I've ever seen more inspiring children's photography. It made me want to have ten kids. And that is quite the accomplishment.

7:: I need to get much done this next week. Here is hoping for a perfect storm of energy, well-behaved boys, and self-discipline...

The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are,
first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.

~Thomas Edison

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Unknown said...

Okay, so I promise (but not pinky swear) that I will not continue to write you about photography as if I knew anything about it...BUT did you realize the very book that YOU recommended "Expressions" by Smylie & Jones has tons of shots taken by Barb Uil from jinkyart???!!! It's no wonder you're enjoying her site SO much ;O) !!! That book has consequently gotten me interested in taking "better"'s fabulous!

My hubby has given me the go ahead to start researching SLR cameras! Giddy up!

Have a fantastic Friday!